Wednesday, November 14, 2007

About TASD

TASD uses theme based curriculum to enhance learning and retention.  Parents and students can choose the magnet theme for each child to give the best possible education in the most conducive environment.

Academies are used to divide the themed based curriculum at the middle school (5 & 6 grades), junior high school (7 & 8 grades), and the high school (9-12 grades).  All three campuses offer International Studies, Arts, and Science academies.  Career and Technical Education is only offered at the high school campus.

  • College Hill Elementary - International Studies
  • Fairview Elementary - Aerospace and Environmental Studies
  • Kilpatrick Elementary - Math, Science, and Wellness
  • Trice Elementary - Visual and Performing Arts
  • Union Elementary - Communications and Technology
  • College Hill Middle School Magnet Academies: Arts, International Studies, and Sciences 
  • North Heights Junior High Magnet Academies: Arts, International Studies, and Sciences
  • Arkansas High School Magnet Academies: Arts, Career and Technology, International Studies, and Sciences