Saturday, November 17, 2007


Texarkana Arkansas School District believes that a major component of
ensuring high student achievement is establishing a school learning
environment in which visitors feel welcomed and valued. When you -
as a parent, school partner, or visitor - interact with a TASD employee,
you can expect our very best in:

Courtesy and Respect

  • All customers will be treated with respect and dignity, regardless
    of cultural or ethnic identities.
  • Each staff member will be courteous during all customer interactions.
  • Each staff member will maintain the customer's confidentiality and privacy.
  • Each staff member will communicate from a positive perspective.


  • Each staff member will acknowledge and greet customers upon their
    entrance into district facilities. If necessary, ask him or her to wait until
    you are done with the customer you are currently working with.
  • Each staff member will answer the telephone in a friendly and helpful manner,
    using the name of the facility and the staff member's name. For example,
    "Casey Elementary. This is Mary Smith. How may I help you?"
  • Each staff member will ensure that information provided to customers is
    accurate and consistent, even if it requires a call back.
  • Each staff member will utilize active listening techniques in all customer interactions.
  • When a staff member is out of the office for more than one business day,
    voicemail and email features will be used to provide information regarding
    their return and message options for the customer.


  • Each staff member will personally assume the responsibility of assisting the
    customer or directing the customer to the appropriate person.
  • Responses will be timely. Each staff member will return phone calls and emails
    within two business days. If a response cannot be provided in the allotted time,
    the customer will be notified and given an estimated time of response.


  • Each staff member is responsible for creating an inviting, family-friendly
    environment in all district facilities.
  • Staff members should wear their identification badges at all times.
  • All facilities will be easy to navigate and signage will be visible and understandable.
  • All signage will be written in a positive manner or tone.
  • All communications will be updated regularly. 

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Genia Bullock, Coordinator

Stephanie Newman, Secretary


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